Hormonal regulation of the Menkes and Wilson copper-transporting ATPases in human placental Jeg-3 cells.

  title={Hormonal regulation of the Menkes and Wilson copper-transporting ATPases in human placental Jeg-3 cells.},
  author={Belinda M Hardman and Agnes A. Michalczyk and Mark A. Greenough and James Camakaris and Julian F. B. Mercer and Margaret Leigh Ackland},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={402 2},
Copper deficiency during pregnancy results in early embryonic death and foetal structural abnormalities including skeletal, pulmonary and cardiovascular defects. During pregnancy, copper is transported from the maternal circulation to the foetus by mechanisms which have not been clearly elucidated. Two copper-transporting ATPases, Menkes (ATP7A; MNK) and Wilson (ATP7B; WND), are expressed in the placenta and both are involved in placental copper transport, as copper accumulates in the placenta… CONTINUE READING


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