Hormonal regulation myometrial adrenergic responses: the receptor and beyond.

  title={Hormonal regulation myometrial adrenergic responses: the receptor and beyond.},
  author={James M Roberts and R. Kirk Riemer and Serge Pierre Bottari and Yong Yong Wu and Alan Goldfien},
  journal={Journal of developmental physiology},
  volume={11 3},
The contractile response of the uterus is modified by sex steroids. In rabbit uterus, oestrogen promotes alpha-adrenergically-mediated contraction, whilst progesterone treatment results in beta-adrenergic relaxation. Examination of the mechanisms responsible for these changing adrenergic responses with sex steroids reveals multiple sites of regulation. Oestrogen increases alpha 1-receptor concentration and the linkage of the receptor to phospholipase C. In addition to this direct effect to… CONTINUE READING


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