[Hormonal-metabolic interrelations in children with chronic sinusitis].


Examinations of 100 children suffering from catarrhal, serous, purulent or purulent-polypous sinusitis revealed hormonal and metabolic changes of different type. However, plasma concentrations of hypophyseal hormones (ACTH, STH), adrenocortical hormones (11-HOCS) as well as catecholamines (dopamine, DOPA) and glucocorticoids (total 17-HOCS, cortisone, THE, THF) showed no correlations. In the case of serous, purulent and purulent-polypous sinusitis there was a slight correlation for the coefficients of norepinephrine + cortisol, epinephrine + cortisol, epinephrine + tetrahydrodeoxycortisol.

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@article{Lazarev1990HormonalmetabolicII, title={[Hormonal-metabolic interrelations in children with chronic sinusitis].}, author={Vassily N Lazarev and F F Pekli and S V Rybalkin}, journal={Vestnik otorinolaringologii}, year={1990}, volume={6}, pages={41-4} }