Hormonal changes in cerebral infarction in the young and elderly.

  title={Hormonal changes in cerebral infarction in the young and elderly.},
  author={Osamah Elwan and Marwa Abdallah and Imad Issa and Y Taher and M S el-Tamawy},
  journal={Journal of the neurological sciences},
  volume={98 2-3},
Fifty-one patients with CCT verified cerebral infarction were submitted to serum and CSF radioimmunoassay of FSH, LH, estradiol (E2), progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and T4. The results were compared to those of 82 matched controls. Our findings suggest that (1) high serum E2 is a risk factor of stroke in males; (2) low serum T4 is a risk factor in males; (3) serum testosterone is reduced in acute stroke in males confirming that it is stress sensitive; (4) serum LH was higher in… CONTINUE READING