Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity

  title={Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity},
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In two studies, 58 sadomasochistic (SM) practitioners provided physiological measures of salivary cortisol and testosterone (hormones associated with stress and dominance, respectively) and psychological measures of relationship closeness before and after participating in SM activities. Observed activities included bondage, sensory deprivation, a variety of painful and pleasurable stimulation, verbal and non-verbal communication, and expressions of caring and affection. During the scenes… 

Extreme rituals in a BDSM context: the physiological and psychological effects of the ‘Dance of Souls’

Results suggest that this group of BDSM practitioners engage in the Dance for a variety of reasons, including experiencing spirituality, deepening interpersonal connections, reducing stress and achieving altered states of consciousness.

MMPI-2 Correlates of Sadomasochism in a Sexual Addiction Sample: Contrasting and Men and Women

The current exploratory study investigated associations between personality and psychopathology, as measured by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2), and engagement in

The Sadomasochism Checklist: A Tool for the Assessment of Sadomasochistic Behavior

The newly developed scale is a reliable and valid tool for the assessment of the frequency of and attraction to SM behavior and aims to provide the basis for future systematic studies on sadomasochism.

The Effects of Consensual Pain: A Look at Psychological and Physiological Changes of Giving and Receiving Tattoos

Past research has observed that extreme rituals and BDSM activities have the ability to produce altered states of consciousness. Currently it is unknown what role inducing or receiving painful

Psychological and Developmental Correlates of Paraphilic and Normophilic Sexual Interests.

The classification of sexual fantasies and behaviors (here referred to as 'sexual interests') has historically been divided into 'paraphilic' and 'normophilic'. However, studies on paraphilic

An Examination of Sex-Differences in Emotion Identification as Influenced by BDSM Negotiations

Abstinence-only sexual education curriculums are dominant in the USA, which leads the younger generation to seek sexual health knowledge from the next most readily available source—the media



Investigating the Underlying Structure in Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior

A multivariate analysis supported the existence of cumulative scales in each of the 4 themes, suggesting that the order in which people engage in different sadomasochistic behaviors is not random and that specific, less intense behaviors generally precede more intense behaviors.

Sexual behavior and social adaptation among sadomasochistically‐oriented males

The present study explored the sexual behavior and social adaptation of a sample of male sadomasochists. A total of 164 men who were members of two sadomasochistically‐oriented clubs participated in

An exploratory‐descriptive study of a sadomasochistically oriented sample

Demographics, sexual behavior, and self‐perceptions of a self‐defined sadomasochistic (S/M) sample of 178 men are described. These men either returned a questionnaire published in an S/M magazine or

On the prevalence and roles of females in the sadomasochistic subculture: Report of an empirical study

The existence of females in the sadomasochistic subculture has generally been denied in the theoretical, clinical, and empirical literature, but responses to questionnaires indicated a meaningful female presence in the subculture.

Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior: Diversity in Practice and Meaning

Humiliation was significantly associated more with females and with heterosexual orientation in men, while hypermasculinity was associated with males and with homosexual orientation inMen.

Lesbian erotic role identification: behavioral, morphological, and hormonal correlates.

Findings support the validity of butch-femme classification and suggest that butch lesbians are more male-typical compared to femme lesbians, which may reflect a within-group difference caused by differential exposure to prenatal androgens.

Comparisons among heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual male sadomasochists.

Between 1982 and 1984 a questionnaire designed to elicit demographic and behavioral information concerning individuals who participate in sadomasochism was distributed nationally and issues concerning the categorization of the respondents into appropriate S&M sex role types are discussed.

Manifest sadomasochism of males: Results of an empirical study

Results are described with respect to the invisibility of deviant behavior, seeking of partners, participation in the subculture, realization of the deviant desires, self-acceptance, preferences for sadomasochistic roles and practices, masturbation, and coming out.

Leathersex: Meaningful aspects of gay sadomasochism

Sadomasochism (S/M) is popularly misconceived as the sexual confusion of pain with pleasure, and is generally associated with meaningless and violent acts of sex (McCary, 1967: 358–60; Kando,