Horizontal Post-Tensioned Connections for Precast Concrete Load bearing Shear Wall Panels

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Seismic behavior and design of unbonded post-tensioned precast concrete frames
Unbonded post-tensioned precast concrete walls are constructed by post-tensioning precast wall panels across horizontal joints using post-tensioning steel which is not bonded to the concrete. ThisExpand
Numerical study on the behaviour of vertical bolted joints for precast concrete wall-based low-rise buildings
Abstract This paper presents a numerical study on the cyclic behavior of the vertical bolted joints in low-rise precast concrete buildings. A finite element analysis model was developed forExpand
Seismic Performance of Precast Shear Wall–Diaphragm Connection: A Comparative Study with Monolithic Connection
The primary objective of the present study is to understand the behaviour of innovative precast shear wall–slab connection subjected to reverse cyclic loading. The response of the precast connectionExpand
Seismic performance of precast shear wall-slab connection under cyclic loading: experimental test vs. numerical analysis
  • S. Arthi, K. Jaya
  • Geology
  • Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration
  • 2020
The structural behaviour of precast shear wall-diaphragm connection was compared with the monolithic connection under seismic loading. The monolithic connection was made by using U-bars connectingExpand
Behaviour of Horizontal Connections in Precast Walls under Lateral Loading
The design of connections is one of the most important considerations in the structural design of precast concrete structures. The purpose of the connection is to transfer loads, restrain movementExpand
Effect of Connection Deficiency on Seismic Performance of Precast Concrete Shear Wall-Frame Structures
The quality of precast concrete (PC) component connections is one of the main factors that affect the seismic reliability of PC structures. China is developing PC structures in high seismic regions...
Research on pseudo-static cyclic tests of precast concrete shear walls with vertical rebar lapping in grout-filled constrained hole
Abstract In this paper, the seismic behaviors of four precast shear wall specimens and one cast-in-place shear wall specimen are investigated by pseudo-static test method. For the precast shear wallExpand
Seismic performance of precast composite shear walls reinforced by concrete-filled steel tubes
Abstract A type of precast slender composite shear wall was proposed and experimentally studied. In this new precast structural wall system, concrete-filled steel tubes (CFSTs) were used to entirelyExpand


Multiple Shear Key Connections for Precase Shear Wall Panels
P recast concrete shear wall panels are used extensively in high rise construction. Their attractiveness and economy are mainly due to the high quality control that is achieved at the manufacturingExpand