Horizon Scanning in Foresight – Why Horizon Scanning is only a part of the game

  title={Horizon Scanning in Foresight – Why Horizon Scanning is only a part of the game},
  author={Kerstin Cuhls},

[Current and future challenges of the use of precision medicine in cancer diagnosis and treatment in Brazil].

Will new technological paradigms benefit all Brazilian Unified National Health System (SUS) users, or will they be the privileges of the few?

Anticipatory governance for newcomers: lessons learned from the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, and Korea

Anticipatory governance (AG) is defined as a “system of systems” that employs foresight to create future plans and execute relevant actions. Recently, various frameworks of AG have been introduced,

Desafios atuais e futuros do uso da medicina de precisão no acesso ao diagnóstico e tratamento de câncer no Brasil

Este artigo busca refletir, cultural e eticamente, sobre os desafios atuais e futuros da incorporação de novas biotecnologias de diagnóstico e tratamento de câncer no Brasil, bem como seu impacto no

Utilizing horizon scanning to attain timely awareness in a future of uncertainty

The article aims to help leaders understand Horizon Scanning and its benefits in addressing unforeseen challenges arising from various calamities and emergencies in a world of increasing uncertainty.

Futures and foresight learning in HRD

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to argue that human resource development (HRD) needs to embrace and include futures and foresight learning (FFL) as a new addition to its field of theorising and

Governing emerging technologies—looking forward with horizon scanning and looking back with technology audits

  • H. Greely
  • Business
    Global Public Policy and Governance
  • 2022
Many technologies, particularly in the life sciences, are subject to governance regulation. Discussion of such governance tends to focus on limits on research and experimental uses and then on a

Horizon scanning process to foresight emerging issues in Arabsphere's water vision

  • A. Batisha
  • Environmental Science
    Scientific reports
  • 2022
The Arabsphere struggles with highly complicated water challenges due to climate change, desertification, coronavirus pandemic, and Russo-Ukrainian War. This paper explores how to build a robust

Verändernde Welt mit exponentieller Beschleunigung: Wie kann Foresight einen Beitrag für Organisationen leisten?

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Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Report 2018: How Leading Firms Build a Superior Position in Markets of the Future

Future Preparedness is shown to be a factor strongly influencing mid-term future firm performance, and such preparedness can be achieved via the systematic application of future preparation

Strategic Issue Management

We turn attention from describing surprising changes to a system for detecting, analyzing, and responding to them. This system is now receiving increasing attention from firms.

'Preface to' Seeing the Invisible: National Security Intelligence in an Uncertain Age

Intelligence is critical to ensuring national security, especially with asymmetric threats making up most of the new challenges. Knowledge, rather than power, is the only weapon that can prevail in a

From forecasting to foresight processes—new participative foresight activities in Germany

The definitions of forecasting vary to a certain extent, but they all have the view into the future in common. The future is unknown, but the broad, general directions can be guessed at and