Hopf-algebra description of noncommutative-spacetime symmetries 1

  title={Hopf-algebra description of noncommutative-spacetime symmetries 1},
  author={Alessandra Agostini},
I give a brief summary of the results reported in [1], in collaboration with G. Amelino-Camelia and F. D’Andrea. I focus on the analysis of the symmetries of κ-Minkowski noncommutative space-time, described in terms of a Weyl map. The commutative-spacetime notion of Lie-algebra symmetries must be replaced by the one of Hopf-algebra symmetries. However, in the Hopf-algebra sense, it is possible to construct an action in κ-Minkowski which is invariant under a 10-generators Poincaré-like symmetry… CONTINUE READING
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