Hopf Bifurcation of a Mathematical Model for Growth of Tumors with an Action of Inhibitor and Two Time Delays


and Applied Analysis 3 here p x x cothx − 1 /x2. Set ω t R3 t , and we have ω̇ t 3λσ∞p ( ω1/3 t − τ1 ) ω t − τ1 − ( 3μβ∞p ( ω1/3 t − τ2 ) λσ̃ ) ω t − τ2 . 1.9 Using the step method see, e.g., 21 , we can easily show that if there exists a solution for t ∈ n − 1 τ3, nτ3 , then the solution for t ∈ nτ3, n 1 τ3 , where n ∈ N, τ3 min τ1, τ2 , is defined by the… (More)


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