Hopf Bifurcation and Exchange of Stability in Diffusive Media

  title={Hopf Bifurcation and Exchange of Stability in Diffusive Media},
  author={Thomas Brand and Markus Kunze and Guido Schneider and Thorsten Seelbach},
  journal={Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis},
Abstract.We consider solutions bifurcating from a spatially homogeneous equilibrium under the assumption that the associated linearization possesses a continuous spectrum up to the imaginary axis, for all values of the bifurcation parameter, and that a pair of imaginary eigenvalues crosses the imaginary axis. For a reaction-diffusion-convection system we investigate the nonlinear stability of the trivial solution with respect to spatially localized perturbations, prove the occurrence of a Hopf… 
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The bifurcation of a family of invariant tori which may contain quasiperiodic solutions is proved for this spatially extended reaction-diffusion-convection system with a marginally stable ground state and a spatially localized amplification.
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  • M. Kunze
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
  • 2001
We study a problem from nonlinear optics that leads to an integro-differential equation which can be written as the abstract bifurcation problem Au = λLu + ∇φ(u). For such a type of equation, a
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Preliminaries.- Examples of nonlinear parabolic equations in physical, biological and engineering problems.- Existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence.- Dynamical systems and liapunov
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Abstract: We consider front solutions of the Swift–Hohenberg equation ∂tu= -(1+ ∂x2)2u + ɛ2u -u3. These are traveling waves which leave in their wake a periodic pattern in the laboratory frame. Using
Bifurcation into spectral gaps
Keywords: spectral gaps ; existence ; bifurcation ; unbounded ; selfadjoint operator ; real Hilbert space ; bounded ; selfadjoint operators ; bound states ; nonlinear ; Schrodinger equations ;