Honor Killings and the Quest for Justice in Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the United Kingdom

  title={Honor Killings and the Quest for Justice in Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the United Kingdom},
  author={Aisha K. Gill},
  journal={Criminal Justice Policy Review},
  pages={475 - 494}
  • A. Gill
  • Published 2009
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice Policy Review
Crimes of honor are characterized by violence against women (VAW) and are consequently not gender neutral. This article not only examines the relationship between gender and violence in communities where honor crimes are committed, focusing on the status of women in South Asian communities, but also considers other contexts in which these crimes are practiced. Criminal justice responses to the issue over the last 10 years are then examined, leading to an analysis of a round-table discussion… Expand
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