Honor: A Phenomenology

  title={Honor: A Phenomenology},
  author={Robert L. Oprisko},
Honor is a topic that has, after a long period of near neglect, received quite some attention over the past few years. Four examples of fairly recent books on honor are Kwame Anthony Appiah’s The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen (2010), Krause’s (2002) Liberalism with Honor, Sessions’ (2010) Honor for Us: A Philosophical Analysis, Interpretation and Defense and Welsh’s (2008) What is Honor? A Question of Moral Imperatives. Despite this notable increase in interest in recent years, the… Expand
Honor and Moral Revolution
Western philosophers have generally neglected honor as a moral phenomenon worthy of serious study. Appiah’s recent work on honor in moral revolutions is an important exception, but even he is carefulExpand
The politics of modern honor
Modern honor appears to be distinguished by two contradictory impulses, a neglect or even disdain of honor, and an ambition to elevate and promote it as dignity, self-esteem, and recognition. TheExpand
Adjusting the Lens of Honour-Based Violence: Perspectives from Euro-American History
There is nothing new about violence perpetrated in honour’s name, or prompted by its perceived loss. Historical and anthropological evidence, together with religious texts, indicate that honour’sExpand
The State as a Person?: Anthropomorphic Personification vs. Concrete Durational Being
In “The State as Person in International Theory,” Wendt explores the analysis and comparison of the classic unit of international relations to a human subject. In an unprecedented manner, Wendt takesExpand
After Honor 1 From Egil Skallagrimsson to
This article presents how Christianity acquired the notion of honor and that internal honor played as important a role as external honor – at least in the culture of Chivalry and the VictorianExpand
Honor Codes in Fantasy Literature
This article portrays the coherence of ethics and the dichotomy honour/ shame, and she shows how the fantastic in literature is highly relevant in exploring ethics in literature. Takle’s argument isExpand
The Coxford Lecture Honour, Oaths, and the Rule of Law
  • P. Horwitz
  • Political Science
  • Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence
  • 2019
Abstract Impersonality is frequently invoked as a core element of the rule of law. In this article, I discuss a troika of values and institutions–office, honour, and the oath–that provide deeplyExpand
The Islamic Fundamentalist that Could Have Been? Parallels between the Rhetoric of Joseph de Maistre and Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalist Movements
This paper is a work of comparative political theory and looks at how much of Joseph de Maistre’s writings parallel the worldview held by ISIS and Al Qaeda, specifically in regard to the central roleExpand
Empathy, honour, and the apprenticeship of violence: rudiments of a psychohistorical critique of the individualistic science of evil
Research seeking to explain the perpetration of violence and atrocities by humans against other humans offers both social and individualistic explanations, which differ namely in the roles attributedExpand
Honor as Foreign Policy: The Case of Israel, Turkey, and the Mavi Marmara
While the role of honor as a war-generating factor has been widely discussed in International Relations (IR) scholarship, there is insufficient theoretical and empirical research that identifies andExpand


The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen
Long neglected as an engine of reform, honor strikingly emerges at the center of our modern world in Kwame Anthony Appiah's The Honor Code. Over the last few centuries, new democratic movements haveExpand
Liberalism With Honor
Preface 1. Liberal Inspirations Political Agency and the Need for Inspiration Excavating Honor 2. Honor and the Defense of Liberty in the Old Regime The Place of Honor in the Old Regime Honor's HighExpand
What is Honors
For several years I have edited a small, in-house journal for the School of Education's Technology Advisory Committee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), a journal which is distributedExpand