Honest Abe and Uncle Tom

  title={Honest Abe and Uncle Tom},
  author={Nell Irvin Painter},
  journal={Canadian Review of American Studies},
  pages={245 - 272}
  • N. Painter
  • Published 2 January 2019
  • History
  • Canadian Review of American Studies
I. Honest Abe and Uncle TomOver the course of many decades, historians have seen it as their duty to discover the fundamental causes of the Civil War: economic, political, and social. Their pursuit has turned up the political economies of slavery and freedom that ulti­mately would have pulled the American Union apart, peacefully or by force of arms (see Boritt; Collins; Freehling; Levine; McPherson; Niven; Perman; Reid). On the metaphorical level, by contrast, Honest Abe and Uncle Tom… 



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