Homotypic fibrillin-1 interactions in microfibril assembly.

  title={Homotypic fibrillin-1 interactions in microfibril assembly.},
  author={Andrew Marson and Matthew James Rock and Stuart A. Cain and Lyle J Freeman and Amanda H Morgan and K T Mellody and C. Adrian Shuttleworth and Clair Baldock and Cay M Kielty},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 6},
We have defined the homotypic interactions of fibrillin-1 to obtain new insights into microfibril assembly. Dose-dependent saturable high affinity binding was demonstrated between N-terminal fragments, between furin processed C-terminal fragments, and between these N- and C-terminal fragments. The N terminus also interacted with a downstream fragment. A post-furin cleavage site C-terminal sequence also interacted with the N terminus, with itself and with the furin-processed fragment. No other… CONTINUE READING

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