Homotypic Regulation of Neuronal Morphology and Connectivity in the Mouse Retina

  title={Homotypic Regulation of Neuronal Morphology and Connectivity in the Mouse Retina},
  author={S. Lee and E. J. Cowgill and Ali Al-Nabulsi and E. J. Quinn and S. Evans and B. Reese},
  journal={The Journal of Neuroscience},
  pages={14126 - 14133}
  • S. Lee, E. J. Cowgill, +3 authors B. Reese
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Neuroscience
  • The establishment of neuronal circuitry during development relies upon the action of cell-intrinsic mechanisms that specify neuronal form as well as plastic processes that require the transmission of neural activity between afferents and their targets. Here, we examine the role of interactions between neighboring like-type cells within the mouse retina upon neuronal differentiation and circuit formation. Two different genetically modified mouse models were used to modulate the density of… CONTINUE READING
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