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Homotopy Spectra and Diophantine Equations

  title={Homotopy Spectra and Diophantine Equations},
  author={Yu. I. Manin and Matilde Marcolli},
Arguably, the first bridge between vast, ancient, but disjoint domains of mathematical knowledge, – topology and number theory, – was built only during the last fifty years. This bridge is the theory of spectra in the stable homotopy theory. In particular, it connects Z, the initial object in the theory of commutative rings, with the sphere spectrum S: see [Sc01] for one of versions of it. This connection poses the challenge: discover a new information in number theory using the developed… 


A First Approximation to Homotopy Theory.
  • E. Spanier, J. Whitehead
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1953
This chapter discusses how, by passing to a direct limit of homotopy classes under suspension, it is possible to obtain a new category, called the S-category, that is simpler in structure than the Homotopy category of topological spaces and homOTopy classes of maps.
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