Homosociality in modern Thai political culture

  title={Homosociality in modern Thai political culture},
  author={Craig J. Reynolds},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
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'Nai nai' samai ratchakan thi 6 [Men of the inner palace during the sixth reign] By CHANAN YOTHONG Bangkok: Matichon, 2013. Pp. xxxi + 294. Notes, Bibliography, Plates, Drawings. 'Watthanantham nakrian chai luan khong "wajirawut witthayalai" nai yuk "rongrian mahat lek luang'" [The all-male student culture in Vajiravudh College when it was the Royal Pages Bodyguard School], Warasan an 4, 1 (Apr.-June 2012): 179-87. One of the most intriguing social spaces in Thai history is the court of the… 
Branding, Masculinities and Culture: Exploring the Branding of Alcohol Product Representations in Thailand
This article re-evaluates the use of masculinities to understand brand building by exploring the branding of alcohol products in Thailand. By relying on the subjectivist epistemology, this study


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Sex in the Inner City: The Fidelity between Sex and Politics in Siam
  • T. Loos
  • Medicine
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 2005
If I observe or know of anything aversive involving a caocom, whether it is adultery or same-sex erotics—even if [I am unable to obtain a] solid case initially—I will bring the matter to Your Majesty’s attention according to the facts, without supplementing the matter with falsities out of envy toward aCaocom I hate.
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Occupational segregation of women is a major reflection of the generalized segregation that characterizes all aspects of Western social life. It is the visible sign of a massive institutional
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Part I: Analysis of Thai Constitutions Part II: Reality: The Practice of Constitutional Monarchy, 1932-1952 Part III: Reality: the Coming of Age of Thai Constitutional Monarchy, 1952-2000
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List of illustrations Preface Abbreviations Glossary Chronology 1. Before Bangkok 2. The old order in transition, 1760s to 1860s 3. Reforms, 1850s to 1910s 4. Peasants, merchants, and officials,
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1. The Siamese State, Society and the World-Economies before Absolutism 2. The First Stage of State-Building 3. Creating a Modern Bureaucracy through Education 4. Contradictions within the