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Homoscatter: Towards efficient connectivity for ZigBee backscatter system

  title={Homoscatter: Towards efficient connectivity for ZigBee backscatter system},
  author={Zhao Yang Xu and Wei Gong},
Recent advances in backscatter open a promising direction for ultra-low power communication. However, the state-of-art ZigBee backscatter system, Interscatter, has several drawbacks to deploy. Its backscatter tag and exciting source, Bluetooth, can hardly decode packets from other ZigBee nodes, which left Interscatter one-way communication. Besides, it adopts instantaneous phase change to modulate information, producing obvious sidelobes and interfering devices working on neighboring channels… 



Reliable Backscatter with Commodity BLE

RBLE is a reliable BLE backscatter system that works with a single commodity receiver that introduces direct frequency shift modulation with the single tone generated by an excitation BLE device, making robust single-bit modulation possible and presents BLE packet regeneration that uses adaptive encoding to enhance reliability for various channel conditions.

Aloba: rethinking ON-OFF keying modulation for ambient LoRa backscatter

This paper revisits the classic ON-OFF Keying (OOK) modulation and proposes Aloba, a backscatter system that takes the ambient LoRa transmissions as the excitation and piggybacks the in-band OOK modulated signals over the Lo Ra transmissions.

FreeRider: Backscatter Communication Using Commodity Radios

We introduce the design and implementation of FreeRider, the first system that enables backscatter communication with multiple commodity radios, such as 802.11g/n WiFi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth, while

HitchHike: Practical Backscatter Using Commodity WiFi

HitchHike is presented, a low power backscatter system that can be deployed entirely using commodity WiFi infrastructure, and its key invention is a novel technique called codeword translation, which allows a backscattering tag to embed its information on standard 802.11b packets.

Turboboosting Visible Light Backscatter Communication

RetroTurbo is a VLBC system dedicated for turboboosting data rate, designed and implemented with a pair of novel modulation schemes, namely delayed superimposition modulation (DSM) and polarization-based QAM (PQAM), to push the rate limit.

Commodity-level BLE backscatter

Inspired by active BLE and applying calculus, IBLE is presented, a BLE backscatter communication system that achieves full compatibility with commodity BLE devices and is readily deployable in everyday IoT applications.

Multiprotocol backscatter for personal IoT sensors

It is shown for the first time that the backscatter tag can identify various excitation signals in an ultra-low-power way, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee, and it is demonstrated that it can leverage excitation diversity to provide uninterrupted communication and greater throughput gains, whereas the single-protocol tag being idle when target carriers are not available.

OFDMA-Enabled Wi-Fi Backscatter

This paper demonstrates how to enable OFDMA in Wi-Fi backscatter for capacity and concurrency enhancement, and reveals how the subtle asychnronization scenarios particularly for backscattering can incur system offsets.

Ambient backscatter: wireless communication out of thin air

The design of a communication system that enables two devices to communicate using ambient RF as the only source of power is presented, enabling ubiquitous communication where devices can communicate among themselves at unprecedented scales and in locations that were previously inaccessible.

Enabling instantaneous feedback with full-duplex backscatter

This paper introduces the first design that enables full-duplex communication on battery-free backscatter devices, using neither multiple antennas nor power-consuming cancellation hardware, using only fully-passive analog components that consume near-zero power.