Homology and phylogenetic implications of male genitalia in Diptera - Eremoneura

  title={Homology and phylogenetic implications of male genitalia in Diptera - Eremoneura},
  author={D. M. Wood and B. Sinclair and Jeffrey M. Cumming},
  journal={Insect Systematics & Evolution},
  • D. M. Wood, B. Sinclair, Jeffrey M. Cumming
  • Published 1995
  • Biology
  • Insect Systematics & Evolution
  • Homologies of male genitalic structures in the Eremoneura (Empidoidea + Cyclorrhapha) are examined and implications for the phylogenetic relationships of the included families are discussed in light of other characters. A revised epandrial hypothesis for the evolution of male genitalia within the Eremoneura is presented, based on comparison of male genitalic features throughout the Brachycera, and a periandrial hypothesis is rejected. Ground plan modifications of the genitalia of Eremoneura… CONTINUE READING
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    Complex asymmetric male genitalia of Anevrina Lioy (Diptera: Phoridae).
    • H. Nakayama
    • Biology, Medicine
    • Arthropod structure & development
    • 2012
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    The Skeleton and Musculature of the Male Genitalia in Platypezidae (Diptera)