Homologie Singuliere Des Espaces Fibres

  title={Homologie Singuliere Des Espaces Fibres},
  author={Jean-Pierre Serre},
  journal={Annals of Mathematics},


The goal of this thesis is to compute the size of the group Θn of h-cobordism classes of homotopy n-spheres for n ≥ 4. We study Θn by studying the Kervaire-Milnor long exact sequence. Various

Successive Spectral Sequences

If a chain complex is filtered over a poset I, then for every chain in I we obtain a spectral sequence. In this paper we define a spectral system that contains all these spectral sequences and

Ph. D. Thesis: Pre-quantization of the moduli space of flat G-bundles

This thesis studies the pre-quantization of quasi-Hamiltonian group actions from a cohomological viewpoint. The compatibility of pre-quantization with symplectic reduction and the fusion product are

Closed geodesics on orbifolds


H(x, 0)=A(G'(x)(0), p(G'(x))o)(1)=G'(x)(0)=G(x, 0), since A is regular. If xEA, then p((G'(x))t)(s) =pG(x, 0) and again by regularity H(x, t) =G(x, t).

Constructing new spectral systems from simplicial fibrations

These new spectral systems are part of a new module for the Kenzo system and can be useful to deduce new relations on the initial spectral sequences and to obtain information about different filtrations of the homology groups of the fiber and the base space of the fibrations.

Effective Computation of Generalized Spectral Sequences

Algorithms and programs for computing generalized spectral sequences, a useful tool in Computational Algebraic Topology which provides topological information on spaces with generalized filtrations over a poset are presented.

Homotopy groups of spheres and dimension quotients

We construct for every prime $p$ a finitely presented group $G$ in which the dimension quotient $(G\cap(1+\varpi^n))/\gamma_n(G)$ has $p$-torsion for some $n$. The construction uses Serre's element

Homotopy properties of horizontal path spaces and a theorem of Serre in subriemannian geometry

We discuss homotopy properties of endpoint maps for horizontal path spaces, i.e. spaces of curves on a manifold M whose velocities are constrained to a subbundle Δ ⊂ TM in a nonholonomic way. We

On the uniqueness of the smooth structure of the 61-sphere

We prove that the 61-sphere has a unique smooth structure. Following results of Moise [35], Kervaire-Milnor [25], Browder [10] and Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel [19], we show that the only odd dimensional



Homology With Local Coefficients

In a recent paper [16] the author has had occasion to introduce and use what he believed to be a new type of homology theory, and he named it homology with local coefficients. It proved to be the

Zur Homologletheorie der Abbildungen und Faserungen von Mannigfaltigkeiten

Nutzungsbedingungen Mit dem Zugriff auf den vorliegenden Inhalt gelten die Nutzungsbedingungen als akzeptiert. Die angebotenen Dokumente stehen für nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke in Lehre, Forschung und

The Calculus of Variations in the Large

The fixed end point problem in non-parametric form General end conditions The index form Self-adjoint systems The functional on a Riemannian space The critical sets of functions The boundary problem

Cohomology theory of abelian groups and homotopy theory I.

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The Homology Structure of Sphere Bundles.

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Zygotes of C. Reinhardi may produce eight instead of four cells, and the number of zygotes producing eight cells is greater in old than in recently ripened ones, which is not correlated with sexuality.

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