Homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformations as undeformed yet twisted models

  title={Homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformations as undeformed yet twisted models},
  author={Riccardo Borsato and Sibylle Driezen and J. Luis Miramontes},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract The homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformation is part of a larger web of integrable deformations and dualities that recently have been studied with motivations in integrable σ-models, solution-generating techniques in supergravity and Double Field Theory, and possible generalisations of the AdS/CFT correspondence. The σ-models obtained by the homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformation with periodic boundary conditions on the worldsheet are on-shell equivalent to undeformed models, yet with twisted… 

Semiclassical spectrum of a Jordanian deformation of $AdS_5 \times S^5$

We study a Jordanian deformation of the AdS5×S superstring. It is an example of homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformations, a class which generalises TsT deformations to the non-abelian case. Many of the

Yang-Baxter deformations of the flat space string

We define integrability preserving Yang-Baxter deformations of symmetric space sigma models with non-semi-simple symmetry group, in particular the flat space string, using only the essential structures

Modave Lectures on Classical Integrability in 2d Field Theories

  • S. Driezen
  • Physics
    Proceedings of Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics — PoS(Modave2021)
  • 2022
These lecture notes are based on a blackboard course given at the XVII Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics held from 13—17 September 2021 in Brussels (Belgium), and aimed at Ph.D. students



Yang–Baxter deformations of the principal chiral model plus Wess–Zumino term

A large class of integrable deformations of the principal chiral model, known as the Yang–Baxter deformations, are governed by skew-symmetric R-matrices solving the (modified) classical Yang–Baxter

Conformal twists, Yang–Baxter σ-models & holographic noncommutativity

Expanding upon earlier results (Araujo et al 2017 Phys. Rev. D 95 105006), we present a compendium of σ-models associated with integrable deformations of AdS5 generated by solutions to homogenous

Homogeneous Yang–Baxter deformations as non-abelian duals of the AdS5 σ-model

We propose that the Yang–Baxter deformation of the symmetric space σ-model parameterized by an r-matrix solving the homogeneous (classical) Yang–Baxter equation is equivalent to the non-abelian dual

Yang-Baxter σ -models, conformal twists, and noncommutative Yang-Mills theory

The Yang-Baxter σ-model is a systematic way to generate integrable deformations of AdS5×S5. We recast the deformations as seen by open strings, where the metric is undeformed AdS5×S5 with constant

Non-abelian T-duality and Yang-Baxter deformations of Green-Schwarz strings

A bstractWe perform non-abelian T-duality for a generic Green-Schwarz string with respect to an isometry (super)group G, and we derive the transformation rules for the supergravity background fields.

Integrable deformations of strings on symmetric spaces

A bstractA general class of deformations of integrable sigma-models with symmetric space F/G target-spaces are found. These deformations involve defining the non-abelian T dual of the sigma-model and

On jordanian deformations of AdS5 and supergravity

We consider various homogeneous Yang–Baxter deformations of the AdS 5 × S 5 superstring that can be obtained from the η-deformed superstring and related models by singular boosts. The jordanian

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Yang–Baxter (YB) deformations of string sigma model provide deformed target spaces. We propose that homogeneous YB deformations always lead to a certain class of β-twisted backgrounds and represent

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The S-matrix on the world-sheet theory of the string in AdS 5 × S 5 ?> has previously been shown to admit a deformation where the symmetry algebra is replaced by the associated quantum group. The