Homocysteine is linked to macular edema in type 2 diabetes.

  title={Homocysteine is linked to macular edema in type 2 diabetes.},
  author={Jianbo Li and Hongman Zhang and Min Shi and Lingfei Yan and Min Xie},
  journal={Current eye research},
  volume={39 7},
AIM To explore the relationship between plasma total homocysteine concentration and diabetic macular edema in patients with type 2 diabetes. METHODS Patients with type 2 diabetes (n = 176) were enrolled in a cross-sectional hospital-based study. Diabetic macular edema status was documented by fundus photographs. Plasma total homocysteine concentration was measured using fluorescence polarization immunoassay. Normal control plasma homocysteine was established in 115 healthy subjects. Risk… CONTINUE READING