Homocysteine and vascular access thrombosis in hemodialysis patients.

  title={Homocysteine and vascular access thrombosis in hemodialysis patients.},
  author={Radovan Hojs and Maksimiljan Gorenjak and Robert Ekart and Benjamin Dvor{\vs}ak and Breda Pe{\vc}ovnik-Balon},
  journal={Renal failure},
  volume={24 2},
BACKGROUND Vascular access remains the Achilles' heel of successful hemodialysis, and thrombosis is the leading cause of vascular access failure. Hyperhomocystinemia is common in hemodialysis patients and is associated with venous and arterial thrombosis in patients without end-stage renal disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In the study, 65 hemodialysis patients with native arteriovenous fistula were included. Two groups of patients were defined: group A including 45 patients with their vascular… CONTINUE READING