Homocysteine and hypomethylation. A novel link to vascular disease.

  title={Homocysteine and hypomethylation. A novel link to vascular disease.},
  author={Mi-Sun Lee and Hong Wang},
  journal={Trends in cardiovascular medicine},
  volume={9 1-2},
A mild elevation in serum homocysteine levels is an independent risk factor for arteriosclerosis and venous thrombosis. Despite the clinical significance of homocysteine, however, the molecular mechanisms of homocysteine-induced arteriosclerosis have not been completely elucidated. This lack of understanding is due in large part to the excessively high concentrations of homocysteine (greater than 1 mM) used in experiments. Many of homocysteine's effects have been attributed to its prooxidant… CONTINUE READING


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