Homoarginine deficiency is associated with increased bone turnover


Dear Editor, Homoarginine deficiency is an emerging cardiovascular risk factor, but homoarginine metabolism may also impact bone turnover because (1) homoarginine is a known inhibitor of alkaline phosphatases (AP), (2) homoarginine may increase nitric oxide (NO) synthesis with subsequent relevance for bone formation, and (3) homoarginine is critical for… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s00198-012-1904-2


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@article{Pilz2012HomoarginineDI, title={Homoarginine deficiency is associated with increased bone turnover}, author={Sahra Pilz and Andreas Meinitzer and Andreas Tomaschitz and Katharina Kienreich and A Fahrleitner-Pammer and Christiane Drechsler and Birgit B{\"o}hm and Winifred M{\"a}rz}, journal={Osteoporosis International}, year={2012}, volume={23}, pages={2731-2732} }