Homicide by blunt force in 2 Scandinavian capitals.

  title={Homicide by blunt force in 2 Scandinavian capitals.},
  author={Sidsel Rogde and Hans Petter Hougen and Klaus Poulsen},
  journal={The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology},
  volume={24 3},
In the Oslo and Copenhagen areas, 77 instances of blunt force homicides were committed from 1985-1994, accounting for 18% of all homicides in that 10-year period. Fifty-four (70%) of the victims were male, often killed by an acquaintance during a fight. Almost 70% of the female victims were killed in their own home, whereas that was the case for only 30% of the male victims. The majority of the victims (of both sexes) had been hit in more than 1 region of the body. A female offender was… CONTINUE READING