Homer's Moly Identified as Galanthus nivalis L.: Physiologic Antidote to Stramonium Poisoning

  title={Homer's Moly Identified as Galanthus nivalis L.: Physiologic Antidote to Stramonium Poisoning},
  author={Andreas Plaitakis and Roger C. Duvoisin},
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The antidotal properties of certain naturally occurring medicinal plants against central nervous system intoxication appear to have been empirically established in ancient times. Homer, in his epic poem, the Odyssey, described a plant, “moly,” used by Odysseus as an antidote against Circe's poisonous drugs. Centrally acting anticholinergic agents are thought to have been used by Circe to induce amnesia and a delusional state in Odysseus' crew. We present evidence to support the hypothesis that… 

Galanthum nivalis Extract is Neurologically Active and Improves Anxiety and Social Interactions in Mesocricetus auratus

G. nivalis extract is a neurologically active natural product with behaviorally relevant effects that improved anxiety-like behavior in hamsters, as evidenced by increased time free roaming, moving, and interacting with objects, while improving social interactions.

The pharmacology of galanthamine and its analogues.

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The Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis): From Odysseus to Alzheimer

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    Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
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