Homeostasis of Vα14i NKT cells

  title={Homeostasis of Vα14i NKT cells},
  author={Jennifer L. Matsuda and Laurent Gapin and St{\'e}phan{\'e} Sidobre and William C. Kieper and Joyce T. Tan and Rhodri Ceredig and Charles D. Surh and Mitchell Kronenberg},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
CD1d-reactive natural killer T (NKT) cells with an invariant Vα14 rearrangement (Vα14i) are a distinct subset of T lymphocytes that likely have important immune-regulatory functions. Little is known regarding the factors responsible for their peripheral survival. Using α-galactosylceramide–containing CD1d tetramers to detect Vα14i NKT cells, we show here that the expansion of Vα14i NKT cells in lymphopenic mice was not dependent on CD1d expression and was unaffected by the presence of host NKT… CONTINUE READING