Homeopathy: Holmes, Hogwarts, and the Prince of Wales

  title={Homeopathy: Holmes, Hogwarts, and the Prince of Wales},
  author={G. Weissmann},
  journal={The FASEB Journal},
  • G. Weissmann
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The FASEB Journal
The hydrostatic paradox has never been so well illustrated as by current discussions of alternative medicine and its poster child, homeopathy. Hahnemann’s system, a therapeutic regimen unchanged since the Age of Mesmer, is making a comeback in the Age of Oprah. In 1810, Hahnemann (1755–1843) rebuked Enlightenment medicine in an over-ideational treatise called The Organon of the Rational Art of Healing: 

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