Homegrown Muslim Extremism in the Netherlands: An Exploratory Note

  title={Homegrown Muslim Extremism in the Netherlands: An Exploratory Note},
  author={Mieke Komen},
  journal={Journal of Strategic Security},
  • M. Komen
  • Published 1 March 2014
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Strategic Security
In his Widening Circles of Disidentification the Dutch sociologist Abram de Swaan argues that enmity and violent conflicts occur most frequently among groups that resemble one another, in transitional phases in which the social differences between these groups are growing smaller. This paper sets out to explore this thesis, in relation to the recent tensions in the Netherlands generated by a trend towards radicalization among second-generation Moroccan youth. Another relevant point that is… 
Reconsidering the Relationship Between Integration and Radicalization
Research literature suggests a number of possible causes leading to radicalization of young Muslims living in Western countries, including poverty, social marginalization, weak or threatened


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