Home Automation System Based on IOT using Cellular Devices

  title={Home Automation System Based on IOT using Cellular Devices},
  author={Ravi Wankhade and Shashank Karhade and Pratik Mohite and Kanchan Dhole and Akash Ganvir and Bharti Khedkar and Sharayu S. Sangekar},
  journal={International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology},
This project is to develop a home automation system using Arduino Uno microcontroller which may be used to control the house appliances through mobile application via the internet. Nowadays, individuals have smartphones with them all the time; therefore it is sensible to control home appliances using golem app, that you'll be able to use to manage electrical home appliances with a simple click and these commands are sent via the web. In this project, we've got an inclination to tend to use the… 
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