Holstein-Primakoff realizations on coadjoint orbits

  title={Holstein-Primakoff realizations on coadjoint orbits},
  author={Phillial Oh and Chaiho Rim},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
  • P. Oh, C. Rim
  • Published 1997
  • Physics
  • Modern Physics Letters A
We derive the Holstein–Primakoff oscillator realization on the coadjoint orbits of the SU(N+1) and SU(1,N) group by treating the coadjoint orbits as a constrained system and performing the symplectic reduction. By using the action-angle variables transformations, we transform the original variables into Darboux variables. The Holstein–Primakoff expressions emerge after quantization in a canonical manner with a suitable normal ordering. The corresponding Dyson realizations are also obtained and… Expand
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