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Holotropic Breathwork

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H Breathwork is one of the more recent contributions to depth psychology, a discipline initiated at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. Since Freud single-handedly laid the foundations of this new fi eld, depth psychology has had a complex and stormy history. Freud’s contributions to psychology and psychiatry were truly groundbreaking. He demonstrated the existence of the unconscious and described its dynamics, developed the technique of dream… 
Holotropic Breathwork: A New Experiential Method of Psychotherapy and Self-Exploration Respiración Holotrópica: un Nuevo Método Experiencial de Psicoterapia y Auto-Exploración
Holotropic breathwork is an experiential method of psychotherapy and self-exploration that Stanislav and Christina Grof developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in the mid 1970s.
This article offers a comprehensive perspective on how Western psychological theory and practice, specifically developments in somatic psychology, can be integrated with the scientific insights of
Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration: A Transtheoretical Model for Clinical Practice
PHRI represents a shift away from assessment limited to untoward outcomes of psychedelic use and abstinence-based addiction treatment paradigms and toward a stance of compassionate, destigmatizing acceptance of patients' choices.
Embodied Presence, COVID-19 and the Transcendence of ITopian Fear
The case is made for the practice of embodied presence (mindfulness) and cognitive responsibility as means to return to a more grounded experience of life, consciousness and self amongst modern populations, and thus to help resolve these four problems.
WWW: Web Wide Warfare Part 2-Towards a Deeper Healing of the Online Culture Wars
This article represents the second of two on the subject of the culture wars, especially in its online expression. The first (Anthony, 2020) analyzed problematic aspects of “blue tribe” consciousness
Book Review: Reconnecting to the Source by Ervin Laszlo
Quantum philosopher Ervin Laszlo has taken one step further outside of the contemporary mainstream scientific view, which believes in a reductive “scientific” method primarily of highly controlled
Pivotal mental states
It is argued that pivotal mental states serve an important evolutionary function, that is, to aid psychological transformation when actual or perceived environmental pressures demand this, and that serotonergic psychedelics hijack a system that has evolved to mediate rapid and deep learning when its need is sensed.
Holotropic Breathwork as a Therapeutic Intervention for Survivors of Trauma: An Autoethnographic Case Study
  • P. Bray
  • Psychology
    What Happened? Re-presenting Traumas, Uncovering Recoveries
  • 2018
In June, 2010, I was presenting a paper at an international transpersonal psychology conference in Moscow.1 As part of the experience I had elected to attend a two day Holotropic Breathwork (HB)
Breathing Embodiment: A Study of Middendorf Breathwork
This thesis is about Middendorf breathwork, a way of cultivating breath and body awareness developed by Ilse Middendorf (b.1910, Berlin), based on sensing subtle bodily movements that occur with