Holomorphic bundles for higher dimensional gauge theory

  title={Holomorphic bundles for higher dimensional gauge theory},
  author={Marcos Jardim and Gr'egoire Menet and Daniela Moura Prata and Henrique N. S{\'a} Earp},
  journal={Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society},
Motivated by gauge theory under special holonomy, we present techniques to produce holomorphic bundles over certain non‐compact 3‐folds, called building blocks, satisfying a stability condition ‘at infinity’. Such bundles are known to parametrize solutions of the Yang–Mills equation over the G2 ‐manifolds obtained from asymptotically cylindrical Calabi–Yau 3‐folds studied by Kovalev, Haskins et al. and Corti et al. The most important tool is a generalization of Hoppe's stability criterion to… 

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