Holography and unquenched quark-gluon plasmas

  title={Holography and unquenched quark-gluon plasmas},
  author={Gaetano Bertoldi and Francesco Bigazzi and Aldo L. Cotrone and Jos{\'e} D. Edelstein},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We employ the string/gauge theory correspondence to study properties of strongly coupled quark-gluon plasmas in thermal gauge theories with a large number of colors and flavors. In particular, we analyze noncritical string duals of conformal (S)QCD, as well as ten-dimensional wrapped fivebrane duals of SQCD-like theories. We study general properties of the dual plasmas, including the drag force exerted on a probe quark and the jet quenching parameter. We find that these plasma observables… 

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