Holography and T-duality

  title={Holography and T-duality},
  author={Marco Laucelli Meana and Jes{\'u}s Puente Pe{\~n}alba},
  • Marco Laucelli Meana, Jesús Puente Peñalba
  • Published 2000
We use the AdS/SYM correspondence to study the relevant effects of compactified dimensions on the D-brane dynamics. We present a detailed picture of the T-duality transition between branes in type IIA and type IIB supergravity. An analysis of the renormalization scheme coming from the expectation values of background fields and the role of Wilson lines in it is given. We finally explore finite size effects and T-duality maps on the description of Wilson loops by supergravity. E-mail address… CONTINUE READING