Holographic thermalization at intermediate coupling.

  title={Holographic thermalization at intermediate coupling.},
  author={D. Steineder and S. Stricker and A. Vuorinen},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 10},
We use the AdS/CFT conjecture to investigate the thermalization of large-N(c) N = 4 super Yang-Mills plasma in the limit of large but finite 't Hooft coupling. On the gravity side, we supplement the type IIB supergravity action by the full set of O(α('3)) operators, which enables us to derive O(λ(-3/2)) corrections to the emission spectrum of prompt photons in one model of holographic thermalization. Decreasing the coupling strength from the λ = ∞ limit, we observe a qualitative change in the… Expand
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