Holographic thermal field theory on curved spacetimes

  title={Holographic thermal field theory on curved spacetimes},
  author={Donald Marolf and Mukund Rangamani and Toby Wiseman},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
The AdS/CFT correspondence relates certain strongly-coupled CFTs with large effective central charge ceff to semi-classical gravitational theories with AdS asymptotics. We describe recent progress in understanding gravity duals for CFTs on non-trivial spacetimes at finite temperature, both in and out of equilibrium. Such gravity methods provide powerful new tools to access the physics of these strongly-coupled theories, which often differs qualitatively from that found at weak coupling. Our… 
Phases of holographic Hawking radiation on spatially compact spacetimes
A bstractWe study phases of equilibrium Hawking radiation in d-dimensional holo- graphic CFTs on spatially compact spacetimes with two black holes. In the particular phases chosen the dual (d +
On universality of holographic results for (2 + 1)-dimensional CFTs on curved spacetimes
A bstractThe behavior of holographic CFTs is constrained by the existence of a bulk dual geometry. For example, in (2 + 1)-dimensional holographic CFTs living on a static space-time with compact
Non-equilibrium dynamics in Holography
In this thesis, we investigate aspects of non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly coupled field theories within holography. We establish a hydrodynamic description for anomalous quantum field theories
Non-Vacuum AdS Cosmologies and the Approach to Equilibrium of Entanglement Entropy
We extend the standard results for vacuum asymptotically locally anti-de Sitter (AlAdS) spacetimes, showing that such spacetimes can be constructed as foliations where the induced metric on each
Bulk duals for generic static, scale-invariant holographic CFT states
Near horizon geometries have been widely studied and have found many applications. Certain static, near horizon geometries are now understood to be bulk duals to CFTs with static scale-invariant
Vacuum energy is non-positive for (2 + 1)-dimensional holographic CFTs
We consider a (2 + 1)-dimensional holographic CFT on a static spacetime with globally timelike Killing vector. Taking the spatial geometry to be closed but otherwise general we expect a non-trivial
Entanglement and correlations near extremality: CFTs dual to Reissner-Nordström AdS5
A bstractWe use the AdS/CFT correspondence to study models of entanglement and correlations between two d = 4 CFTs in thermofield double states at finite chemical potential. Our bulk spacetimes are
Bounds on the local energy density of holographic CFTs from bulk geometry
The stress tensor is a basic local operator in any field theory; in the context of AdS/CFT, it is the operator which is dual to the bulk geometry itself. Here we exploit this feature by using the
Simplifying plasma balls and black holes with nonlinear diffusion
In the Master's thesis of the author, we investigate certain aspects of gravitational physics that emerge from stochastic toy models of holographic gauge theories. We begin by reviewing field theory
Steady states of holographic interfaces
Abstract We find stationary thin-brane geometries that are dual to far-from-equilibrium steady states of two-dimensional holographic interfaces. The flow of heat at the boundary agrees with the


Weak Field Black Hole Formation in Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes
We use the AdS/CFT correspondence to study the thermalization of a strongly coupled conformal field theory that is forced out of its vacuum by a source that couples to a marginal operator. The source
Stationary holographic plasma quenches and numerical methods for non-killing horizons.
This work explores use of the harmonic Einstein equations to numerically find stationary black holes where the problem is posed on an ingoing slice that extends into the interior of the black hole, and finds the first nonperturbative examples of stationary black hole which do not have Killing horizons.
The Schwarzschild-Black String AdS Soliton: Instability and Holographic Heat Transport
We present a calculation of two-point correlation functions of the stress-energy tensor in the strongly-coupled, confining gauge theory which is holographically dual to the AdS soliton geometry. The
Holographic models of de Sitter QFTs
We describe the dynamics of strongly coupled field theories in de Sitter spacetime using the holographic gauge/gravity duality. The main motivation for this is to explore the possibility of dynamical
Hawking radiation in large N strongly coupled field theories
We consider strongly coupled field theories at large N on black hole backgrounds. At sufficiently high Hawking temperature TH, one expects a phase where the black hole is in equilibrium with a
Towards integrability for AdS3/CFT2
In this thesis we consider certain supersymmetric string theories on curved backgrounds containing the three-dimensional anti-de Sitter space, AdS3. On the one hand, these are gravity theories in
On geodesic propagators and black hole holography
One of the most challenging technical aspects of the dualities between string theory on anti--de Sitter spaces and conformal field theories is understanding how location in the interior of spacetime
Holographic Reconstruction of Spacetime¶and Renormalization in the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Abstract: We develop a systematic method for renormalizing the AdS/CFT prescription for computing correlation functions. This involves regularizing the bulk on-shell supergravity action in a
Large rotating AdS black holes from fluid mechanics
We use the AdS/CFT correspondence to argue that large rotating black holes in global AdSD spaces are dual to stationary solutions of the relativistic Navier-Stokes equations on SD−2. Reading off the
Setting the boundary free in AdS/CFT
We describe a new class of boundary conditions for AdSd+1 under which the boundary metric becomes a dynamical field. The key technical point is to show that contributions from boundary counter-terms