Holographic projection systems provide eternal life

  title={Holographic projection systems provide eternal life},
  author={Esther Shein},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
Optical tricks help deceased entertainers keep on performing. 
An Approach to Raspberry Pi Synchronization in a Multimedia Projection System for Applications in Presentation of Historical and Cultural Heritage
Generation of a holographic effect, as well as larger flexibility in creating the contents of the presentations due to the two projection surfaces, are additional attractive features.
ImmersiveArt A Study of Virtual Reality and the Benefits of Natural User Interface
Improvements on usability through use of natural interfaces are studied, specifically the improvement of experience and user efficiency whilst using muscle computer interaction as opposed to more traditional forms of interaction.
A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Communications of the ACM : 2020–2029
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Anisotropic leaky-mode modulator for holographic video displays
Three enabling properties of particular interest—polarization rotation, enlarged angular diffraction, and frequency domain colour filtering—are demonstrated and it is suggested that this technology can be used as a platform for low-cost, high-performance holographic video displays.
Holographic video at 40 frames per second for 4-million object points.
We propose a fast method for generating digital Fresnel holograms based on an interpolated wavefront-recording plane (IWRP) approach. Our method can be divided into two stages. First, a small,
Object image correction using an X-ray dynamical diffraction Fraunhofer hologram.
  • M. Balyan
  • Physics
    Journal of synchrotron radiation
  • 2014
Taking into account background correction and using Fourier analysis, a numerical method of an object image correction using an X-ray dynamical diffraction Fraunhofer hologram is presented and non-physical oscillations can be avoided.
Modern Methods for fast generation of digital holograms
An economical framework that is suitable for real time generation and transmission of holographic video signals over existing distribution media is proposed, which includes an aspect of extending the depth range of the object scene, which is important for the display of large-scale objects.
Dual-wavelength digital holography: single-shot shape evaluation using speckle displacements and regularization.
This paper discusses the possibility of evaluating the shape of a free-form object in comparison with its shape prescribed by a CAD model, using dual-wavelength holography to make measurements based on a single-shot recording.
Review on theory and applications of wavefront recording plane framework in generation and processing of digital holograms
A number of works, that have been developed based on the framework of the WRP and the VDP, are reviewed, that enable a hologram to be processed with classical image processing techniques normally unsuitable for handling holographic information.