Holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal Bragg grating integrated inside a solid core photonic crystal fiber.

  title={Holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal Bragg grating integrated inside a solid core photonic crystal fiber.},
  author={Gianluigi Zito and Stavros Pissadakis},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={38 17},
A polymer/liquid crystal-based fiber Bragg grating (PLC-FBG) is fabricated with visible two-beam holography by photo-induced modulation of a prepolymer/liquid crystal solution infiltrated into the hollow channels of a solid core photonic crystal fiber (PCF). The fabrication process and effects related to the photonic bandgap guidance into the infiltrated PCF, and characterization of the PLC-FBG, are discussed. Experimental data presented here demonstrate that the liquid crystal inclusions of… 

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