Holographic formula for Q-curvature

  title={Holographic formula for Q-curvature},
  author={C. Robin Graham and Andreas Juhl},
In this paper we give a formula for Q-curvature in even-dimensional conformal geometry. The Q-curvature was introduced by Tom Branson in [B] and has been the subject of much research. There are now a number of characterizations of Qcurvature; see for example [GZ], [FG1], [GP], [FH]. However, it has remained an open problem to find an expression for Q-curvature which, for example, makes explicit the relation to the Pfaffian in the conformally flat case. 
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Holographic formula for Q-curvature. II
We extend the holographic formula for the critical Q-curvature in Graham and Juhl (2007) [9] to all Q-curvatures. Moreover, we confirm a conjecture of Juhl (2009) [11].
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