Holographic approach to deformations of NS 5-brane distributions and exact CFTs

  title={Holographic approach to deformations of NS 5-brane distributions and exact CFTs},
  author={Angelos Fotopoulos and Panagiotis Marios Petropoulos and N. Prezas and Konstadinos Sfetsos},
We consider general planar deformations of a circular distribution of NS5-branes. The near-horizon region of the latter admits, after a T-duality transformation, an exact conformal-field-theory description in terms of the coset model SU(2)/U(1)×SL(2,R)/U(1). We derive the exactly marginal operators corresponding to an infinitesimal planar deformation using the conjectured holography between the coset model and the little string theory that resides on the worldvolume of the NS5-branes… CONTINUE READING

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