Holographic Schwinger-Keldysh field theory of SU(2) diffusion

  title={Holographic Schwinger-Keldysh field theory of SU(2) diffusion},
  author={Yanyan Bu and Xiyang Sun and Biye Zhang},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We construct effective field theory for SU(2) isospin charge diffusion, based on holographic Schwinger-Keldysh contour [1]. The holographic model consists of a probe SU(2) gauge field in a doubled Schwarzschild-AdS 5 geometry. Accurate to first order in derivative expansion, we analytically compute the effective action up to quartic order in dynamical variables. The effective theory contains both non-Gaussianity for noises and nonlinear interactions between noises and dynamical variables… 
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