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Holographic Entropy Cone Measures

  title={Holographic Entropy Cone Measures},
  author={Ning Bao and Samuel Blitz and Bogdan Stoica},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We investigate numerically several proxy measures for the number of states contained within the holographic entropy cone, compared to the number contained within the quantum entropy cone, for states with $3$ and $4$ parties. We find an interesting tension: while measures focused on calculating the volume ratios between the two cones indicate that the quantum cone is much larger than the holographic one, measures based on the generation of random states and then calculating the entropies thereof… 

Conditional and multipartite entanglements of purification and holography

In this work we generalize the entanglement of purification and its conjectured holographic dual to conditional and multipartite versions of the same, where the optimization defining the entanglement

Deformed D1D5 CFT: a holographic probe of quantum gravity

Deformed D1D5 CFT: a holographic probe of quantum gravity Ian Theodore Jardine Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Physics University of Toronto 2017 One of the big unsolved questions in

Crossing Versus Locking: Bit Threads and Continuum Multiflows

This work investigates for which choices of bound a given set of boundary regions can be “locked”, in other words can have their entropies computed by a single thread configuration, and conjecture that any set of regions not containing a pairwise crossing triple can be locked, analogously to the situation for networks.

Puzzles and pitfalls involving Haar-typicality in holography

Holographic states that have a well-defined geometric dual in AdS/CFT are not faithfully represented by Haar-typical states in finite-dimensional models. As such, trying to apply principles and



The holographic entropy cone

A bstractWe initiate a systematic enumeration and classification of entropy inequalities satisfied by the Ryu-Takayanagi formula for conformal field theory states with smooth holographic dual

Holographic mutual information is monogamous

We identify a special information-theoretic property of quantum field theories with holographic duals: the mutual informations among arbitrary disjoint spatial regions A,B,C obey the inequality

Holographic proof of the strong subadditivity of entanglement entropy

When a quantum system is divided into subsystems, their entanglement entropies are subject to an inequality known as strong subadditivity. For a field theory this inequality can be stated as follows:

The Quantum Entropy Cone of Stabiliser States

It is demonstrated here that entropy vectors for stabiliser states satisfy, in addition to the classic inequalities, a type of linear rank inequalities associated with the combinatorial structure of normal subgroups of certain matrix groups.

Entanglement structures in qubit systems

Using measures of entanglement such as negativity and tangles we provide a detailed analysis of entanglement structures in pure states of non-interacting qubits. The motivation for this exercise

Holographic Derivation of Entanglement Entropy from AdS/CFT

A holographic derivation of the entanglement entropy in quantum (conformal) field theories is proposed from AdS/CFT correspondence. We argue that the entanglement entropy in d+1 dimensional conformal

Four qubits can be entangled in nine different ways

We consider a single copy of a pure four-partite state of qubits and investigate its behavior under the action of stochastic local quantum operations assisted by classical communication (SLOCC). This

Anti-de Sitter space and holography

Recently, it has been proposed by Maldacena that large $N$ limits of certain conformal field theories in $d$ dimensions can be described in terms of supergravity (and string theory) on the product of

The Large-N Limit of Superconformal Field Theories and Supergravity

We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,