Holocene initiation and development of New Caledonian fringing reefs, SW Pacific

  title={Holocene initiation and development of New Caledonian fringing reefs, SW Pacific},
  author={Guy Cabioch and Lucien Montaggioni and G{\'e}rard Faure},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
The analysis of 8 selected cores through fringing reefs in New Caledonia reveals that accretion in the Holocene has been less than 6 m. The cores exhibit three main facies: branching coral (Acropora, dominantly), massive coral heads (Porites, mainly) and coral sand/ rubble, principally made up of acroporid fragments. Subordinate facies are composed of coralline algae and alcyonarian spiculite. The initiation of growth varies according to location. The southern reefs (i.e. early settled reefs… CONTINUE READING


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