Holocaust Memory and Antisemitism in Slovakia: The Postwar Era to the Present

  title={Holocaust Memory and Antisemitism in Slovakia: The Postwar Era to the Present},
  author={Nina Paulovicova},
  journal={Antisemitism Studies},
  pages={34 - 4}
Abstract:Antisemitism in Slovakia was influenced by socio-economic concerns and frustration over domestic, regional, and international developments during the postwar and post-communist eras. Current antisemitism feeds on powerful ethno-nationalist views rooted in the hatred of non-Slovak and non-Christian others, which, in effect, helps to empower extremism in all forms. This study offers insight into the history of antisemitism in Slovakia from the postwar era to the present with a focus on… 
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Po stopách tragédie.
A Rise of Populism in the Slovak Nina Paulovičová 32 Antisemitism Studies, Vol
  • 2, No. 1
  • 2018