HoloLens and mobile augmented reality in medical and health science education: A randomised controlled trial

  title={HoloLens and mobile augmented reality in medical and health science education: A randomised controlled trial},
  author={Christian Moro and Charlotte Phelps and Petrea Redmond and Zane Stromberga},
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Resource Allocation and Resolution Control in the Metaverse with Mobile Augmented Reality

This paper proposes an MAR-based connection model for the Metaverse, and proposes a communication resources allocation algorithm based on outer approximation (OA) to achieve the best utility.

Impact of virtual reality use on the teaching and learning of vectors

The use of virtual reality in education has enabled the possibility of representing abstract concepts and virtually manipulating them, providing a suitable platform for understanding mathematical

Incorporating Mixed Reality for Knowledge Retention in Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology, and Pharmacology Interdisciplinary Education: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Disease education is a fundamental component in health science and medicine curricula, as it prepares students for their progression into health profession careers. However, this requires an ability

A Review on 3D Augmented Reality Design Technique and Inward Leakage Testing on Protective Face Mask

Protective face mask identification is essential today to users as it is a prominent protective wearable to shield from being infected by Covid-19 viruses. Protective face masks consist of layers of

Application of virtual simulation situational model in Russian spatial preposition teaching

The main contribution of this work is to build a SSVEP-BCI system based on joint frequency phase modulation, better than the currently-known brain computer interface character input system, and of great value to optimize the performance of the virtual simulation situation system for Russian spatial preposition teaching.

Designing Gaze-Aware Attention Feedback for Learning in Mixed Reality

A solution of using eye-tracking in MR to provide gaze-aware attention feedback to students and evaluate it with potential users in a preliminary user study is proposed.

The HoloLens in Medicine: A systematic Review and Taxonomy

It is found that, although the feasibility of using the HoloLens in various medical scenarios has been shown, increased efforts in the areas of precision, reliability, usability, workflow and perception are necessary to establish AR in clinical practice.



Utilizing serious games for physiology and anatomy learning and revision.

Computer games have become the most popular form of entertainment globally. However, this technology has only recently been introduced as an educational intervention in tertiary institutions, under

Multimodal mixed reality visualisation for intraoperative surgical guidance

A pilot study verified the potential of the proposed MR visualisation platform and its usability in the operating room and found the majority of the surgeons found the proposedVisualisation platform intuitive and would use it in their operating rooms for intraoperative surgical guidance.

A Randomised Control Trial and Comparative Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Learning Tools in Anatomy

It is suggested that three-dimensional visualiser tools are likely to enhance learning in anatomy education, however, the study itself has several limitations; some include limited sample size and various threats to internal validity.

Evaluation of HoloHuman augmented reality application as a novel educational tool in dentistry

AR has the potential to be used as an adjunct tool in the learning of dental head and neck anatomy as it has demonstrated increased student engagement and enjoyment however limitations with the device still remain.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality in K–12 education: a review of the literature

ABSTRACT This article provides the first review of the existing literature consolidating research into the use of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies within K–12 educational

Technology Considerations in Health Professions and Clinical Education

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Augmented reality in medical education: a systematic review

The current quality and breadth of AR research in medical training is insufficient to recommend the adoption into educational curricula and an analytical model is developed to guide future research in assessing ARAs as teaching tools in medical education.

Student-Centered Learning Environments in Higher Education Classrooms

In the context of the Bologna Process European higher education institutions (HEIs) have started to engage in curricular and pedagogical renewal to increase not only the quantity but the quality of

Applied Learning of Anatomy and Physiology: Virtual DissectionTables within Medical and Health Sciences Education

This report aims to provide insights into possible uses for the Anatomage table, and outline the recent literature surrounding these applications of the technology, to assist with considerations of which new technologies to consider for use medical and health science programs.