Holo-analysis of the efficacy of Bio-Mos® in broiler nutrition

  title={Holo-analysis of the efficacy of Bio-Mos{\textregistered} in broiler nutrition},
  author={G. D. Rosen},
  journal={British Poultry Science},
  pages={21 - 26}
  • G. Rosen
  • Published 1 February 2007
  • Medicine
  • British Poultry Science
1. This first holo-analysis of the efficacy in broiler nutrition of the saccharide product, Bio-Mos® (BM), is part of a comprehensive empirical modelling research programme quantifying and comparing the efficacies and future research needs of the diverse candidates offered as replacements for antibiotics. 2. The data used are from 32 publications with broiler performance data from a world-wide literature collection of 124 (1997–2003) on the use of BM as a broiler feed additive. It contains the… 
Effects of a novel carbohydrate fraction on broiler performance and intestinal function
The NCF can improve performance and affects mucus-producing cells, and full elucidation of the mechanisms of action requires further research.
Meta-Analysis Summary of Broiler Chicken Trials with Dietary Actigen® (2009-2011)
Comparisons between this present meta- analysis and those done previously on another yeast cell wall compound (Bio-Mos) suggest that the second generation product Actigen may be more effective in terms of growth promotion.
Effects of mannanoligosaccharide in broiler chicken diets on growth performance, energy utilisation, nutrient digestibility and intestinal microflora
Results from the current study suggest that MOS can improve the apparent energy utilisation of the diet and tend to improve FCE of birds in the first three posthatch weeks, which may be partly related to the modulatory effects of MOS on the gut microflora.
Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Broilers: Effects on Performance and Blood Biochemistry*
Investigation of the effects of mannan oligosaccharides, which are commonly used as alternatives to antibiotics, on the growth performance and some blood parameters in broiler chickens found that the addition of MOSs significantly decreased AST and ALT activity in the blood.
Effects of mannan oligosaccharides on ileal digestibility of nutrients and microbial populations in the ceca of broiler chickens.
In grower and finisher period, weight gain and feed conversion ratio improved by addition of 2 and 3 g/kg prebiotic or avilamicin into basal diet compared with control diet, and the digestibility of OM was enhanced with dietary supplementation.
The Influence of an Acidifier Feed Additive on Biochemical Parameters and Immune Response of Broilers
It can be concluded that dietary acidifier agent did not have a clear positive effect on immune response and serum biochemical levels; however, there was a slightpositive effect on 0.1 % level of inclusion in the diet.
Effects of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Mannanoligosaccharide
Maintaining gut health is important for the production of high quality and profitable poultry. The goal of this study was to examine the effects of supplemental mannan oligosaccharide (Bio-MOS ),
Effect of dietary supplementation on improvement of growth and immune function of broilers
Dietary supplement to broilers improved the immune capabilities of immune cells, which are vital to the establishment of immune response against pathogens, thereby, to improve chicken’s health and growth and reduce medication cost in chicken farming.
Effects of an Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Yeast and Yeast Culture Combined with Flavomycin and Monensin on Finishing Broiler Chickens
The E HY and DLYS showed an additive or synergistic relationship on the nitrogen intake and retention and AMEn and the addition of EHY and F+M improved the production and nutrient use in broilers but their effects were independent.
Int. J. Biosci
Different levels of dietary mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) and Avilamycin administered to commercial broilers were evaluated for their efficacy on performance, ileal digestibility of nutrients and


Comparison of Bio-Mos ® and Antibiotic Feeding Programs in Broiler Diets Containing Copper Sulfate
Results of the study indicate that body weight of broilers was not significantly influenced by the antibiotic treatment, addition of Bio-Mos®, or the combination of antibiotics and Bio- Mos®.
The Effects of Some Alternative Feed Additives for Antibiotic Growth Promoters on the Performance and Gut Microflora of Broiler Chicks
Prebiotic (mannan oligosccaride), humic-acid-based mixture and probiotic have the potential to be an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in broiler diets.
Body weight and feed conversion at 21 d was significantly improved by addition of the antibiotics but did not prove to be significantly improved at later ages, and copper from either copper sulfate or Bioplex® Cu had no significant effect on any parameter tested.
Intestinal structure and function of broiler chickens on diets supplemented with a mannan oligosaccharide
The response of broiler chickens to a commercial synthetic mannan oligosaccharide, Bio-Mos™, included in sorghum/lupin-based diets led to minor improvement in body weight but no improvement in feed conversion ratio.
Effect of Dietary Mannan Oligosaccharide, With or Without Bacitracin or Virginiamycin, on Live Performance of Broiler Chickens at Relatively High Stocking Density on New Litter
Two 49-d winter pen trials using straight-run Ross x Ross broiler chickens at 0.667 ft 2 /bird (0.062 m 2 /bird) were conducted on new litter to compare the efficacy of commercial mannan
Efficacy of esterified glucomannan to counteract mycotoxicosis in naturally contaminated feed on performance and serum biochemical and hematological parameters in broilers.
Feeding a naturally contaminated diet was associated with significant decreases in urea nitrogen and hematocrit values along with altered gamma-glutamyl transferase activity; however, Urea nitrogen concentration was improved with addition of esterified glucomannan.
The effect of mannanoligosaccharides in feed mixtures on the performance of chicken broilers
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