Hollow fiber shape alters solute clearances in high flux hemodialyzers.

  title={Hollow fiber shape alters solute clearances in high flux hemodialyzers.},
  author={John Ken Leypoldt and Alfred K. Cheung and Thanit Chirananthavat and Janice F. Gilson and Craig D. Kamerath and R Barry Deeter},
  journal={ASAIO journal},
  volume={49 1},
The mass transfer properties of hemodialyzers containing hollow fiber membranes are known to be influenced by membrane chemical composition, surface area, and pore size; however, the effects of hollow fiber shape (or configuration) and packing density within the dialyzer housing have not been well characterized. We determined, both in vitro and ex vivo (clinical), solute clearances and mass transfer-area coefficients (KoA) for high flux dialyzers containing polysulfone hollow fibers of… CONTINUE READING