Holistic sustainability assessment of green building industry in Turkey

  title={Holistic sustainability assessment of green building industry in Turkey},
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Title: Strategic Factors Affecting Green Building Industry: A Macro-Environmental Analysis Using PESTEL Framework

For the last decade, green buildings have created a new industry of ecological buildings. However, this industry is still newly developing and finds limited implementation opportunities when compared

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PurposeReportedly, green roof (GR) makes a significant contribution towards a truly sustainable-built environment; however, its implementation is yet to hit a sufficient level in developing

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Increase of greenhouse gases surrounding the earth has recently put the world in a dangerous condition. Thus, the term green building technology has progressively been used to control sustainability

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Construction industry plays important role to support human welfare by providing access for living and moving. Developed countries are characterized by having good infrastructures such as roads,

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Over the years, researchers have conducted various studies on the adverse effects from world development growth. The real-time evidence of changes in the climate favours the stakeholders to support

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The rapid development of the construction industry, which has brought economic prosperity, has been accompanied by ecological and environmental crises incurred by the generation of building

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Assessing the holistic sustainability of public policies remains a challenge rarely taken up due to a lack of adequate assessing methods. Frequently, only environmental and/or financial aspects are

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Purpose Most green building (GB) materials, which are used widely in the construction sector in Malaysia, perform poorly in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. Nevertheless, during



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Green building is the foundation of the sustainable construction development. Construction industry with the high contributes with gross domestic product, has undeniable impacts on the economy.

Green building project management: obstacles and solutions for sustainable development

Green building construction is earning a place in Singapore's construction industry, and, with augmenting cognizance of environmental issues and growing concern over climate change, sustainable